Of Robust Armour

pool-sept 3 2016this, I wish
of brass made
indefatigable matter
void of grief, ache digging
at my bones
perpetually smiling, finding
the light in all things
joyful in company than in
solitude, broadening that
interdependence upon one another
making us greater, stronger beings
generating ramparts against
brutal tsunamis life doles out

photo and poem © by DC Lessoway


Given to Forever

flowers-sept 3 2016

that pseudo immortality, that
scarcity of appreciation
that knack for grand displays, of
waking hours spent, unfettered, in
ironical worry for the bygone
oblivious to a coming end in
the great eternal commonality

photo and poem © by DC Lessoway

What Bearing?

weather-vein-sept 3 2016aimless on a burdened tide
transfixed to a floundering vessel
bestowed charts guide, counsel
warn, demonstrate clear paths
yet, as with most guardians
one must rely upon instinct, give
weight to that below, lurking
whether fear, distraction, want
as to still the waters within
brings calm, resolve in a
most grievous tempest

photo and poem © by DC Lessoway

A Venerable Confidante

moon0ct52012 004

once we were same
molten, bombarded
brimming potential
asunder torn
from chaos born
you know my secrets

once my dizzying vista
seldom kept you in my eye, now
a mournful watch I keep
surely, steadily, slowly
further still, your grasp, waning
you know my fears

eons pass, how you were
ever-shifting, vexed crimson
now a mid-age, peaceful sapphire
while my ashen countenance
pocked, silted, immutable
you know my scars

Photo and Poem © 2016 by DC Lessoway

A storm within, unchecked, storms without

ache, grief, torment, seeks
each soul’s portage

in following, careful steps
seeking, setting at liberty
knives set deep
initiates healing

yet allow hurt’s mushroom
disavowing truth’s remedy
invokes Thor’s hammer
germinating madness
sets outward storms
beyond one’s mastery

Picture and Poem © 2016 by DC Lessoway


bench-1-jan-25-2014in thought, in coveting
an abiding resolution, in
contemplation of the world
at bay of humanity
this ostentatious pane
frosted, aloof, melancholy
fixed, rigid, unchanging
garnered fifty-two years
of pained wisdom, wishes the
window’d open, to be
infected by some
gregarious being, allying me
with those on the
other side of the pane

photo and poem © by DC Lessoway

Love vs grief vs joy vs bliss

Love vs grief vs joy vs bliss as I sit here dredging my soul for words
comes the upwell from my heart to salt my cheeks
all in mining sediment for sentiments conveying my truth
expressing profound love of my wife, her forever changing my life
joy of treading streets Paris, Rome, Venice or beaches of Maui
bliss of our wedding to the everyday kiss and touch, the flame of passion
then comes ache, sorrow, shock in the loss of parents, friends, an old school-mate
loss comes to us all, we must face it, or a brutal volcano we’ll become
to delve into a fictional character’s live, seeking his/her truth is to
find my own being within the crushing humanity we must endure