as a tourist Venice
her tranquility, alit upon my soul
no car nor truck apart from
boat motors, church bells
gondoliers’ bawdy songs
aching feet led many adventure
through her stony labyrinth
blotted sun, constricting walls: lost
reaching water: found
magnificence of her cathedrals
humility of rising tides
worlds apart, circumventing life
for a while

photo and poem © by DC Lessoway

Tuscan Heart

tuscony-01terraces gathered, impassioned
upon the other ever higher
sent in stone, blood, circumstance
footfall worn, bruised, beaten
strengthened by ever-lusting rulers
till long-lasting peace wrought
crumbling walls, letting all in

photo and poem (c) DC Lessoway

Morning March

Strolling mythical lanes
before citizens waken
my singular step echoes
hastening my mind to ponder
visualize, conjure
throngs of foot soldiers
in rank and file, anticipating battle
sweat and leather and dusty sandals
sharpened swords, lances, shield, behind
their families weep, wonder
in months, years, or ever, a return?
Perhaps, upon same flagstone, stained crimson
fell many in defense, invasion, regime change
yet, gone
such signs, wiped clear by time’s stride
a veneer conceivably whitewashed
as we roving bees to history’s honey, innocent
of foregoing savagery
still, without such brutal truths
her charms, bewitch still

Photo and poem (c) by DC Lessoway


Love for Venice


glinting, dancing sun
fluid roadway
walking, strolling days
not wheeling
touring, seeing sites
old stories
aging, fading brick
feel cooling
baking, cooking fare
great samples
voices, echo still
walls speaking
Venice, island life
calls again

Photo and poem (c) DC Lessoway