Spec Screenplays/Series Pilots


(NOTE: All script are completed)

Walk it Off

A wealthy literary writer’s wife and child are killed. Shattered, he hits the road, lives as a hobo, trying to escape the pain.  All along, a murderous shadow follows him, created by his own writing. [96 pages]

Escape to the Fields

Fifty years of a family’s story through the oldest sister, then youngest brother as her cancer, his alcoholism, and suicide attempt bring to light a long-held family secret. [84 pages]

Dori & 17th

A drunk driver hits a father, son and daughter, and the father dies.  Two years later, a graphic video of the accident surfaces on the internet shatters an already fragile family. [100 Pages]

Little Distance

An isolated, naïve young woman stuck in a backward society connects to a world-weary psychologist through a lost phone, and the battery is dying. [89 pages]

Every Port

Three women, one in England, in Argentina and in Spain, receive a copy of the same souvenir spoon.  Why?  Then they get the box inviting them first to Argentina then to Nepal.  Who is at the end of the road? [74 Pages]

Additional spec scripts:

  • [short] Colonial Lie: A 20-year-old Indigenous man, on the run from a killer, takes sanctuary in a church where the devil and angle of death fight over his soul.
  • [short] Recompense: a man who lost his father, sister and leg in a hit and run accident at 17, has an appointment with a new physiotherapist who turns out to be the man who drove the truck that hit them.


Turn of the Hourglass

A matriarch of a crime family is dying, then she meets a scientist who discovered a form of immortality. Only she must die first.

Cora – Danielle

An account of two women wrestling with life, love and self while enduring two contrasting eras: the chaotic challenges of the present day and the regressive age for women in the early 1900s.

Story by Wendy Methot and DC Lessoway
Scripts by DC Lessoway

Agenda 2030

A bacterium kills millions, A driven virologist and her twin, the President of the United States, seek a vaccine while blocked at every move by The Authority, a secret society bent on reducing the world’s population to one billion.

Story by Denis Khoroshko
Scripts by DC Lessoway (Pilot and 9 episodes completed)


Destitute Alex Green, 92, has a choice.  Live out the time he has left or be sent back into his ten-year-old body and relive his life, but with 92 years of experience and knowledge of the future.