Italy, poem, poetry, Travel, writing

as a tourist Venice
her tranquility, alit upon my soul
no car nor truck apart from
boat motors, church bells
gondoliers’ bawdy songs
aching feet led many adventure
through her stony labyrinth
blotted sun, constricting walls: lost
reaching water: found
magnificence of her cathedrals
humility of rising tides
worlds apart, circumventing life
for a while

photo and poem © by DC Lessoway

White Boxing Day

Gratitude, writing

dec-26-2016graceful snowy wafers cascade
imbuing the warm dichotomy
of winter’s brutal chill
hands at the neck clutching
soggy coats tightly, dashing
about, Christmas spent
in want, in return, in exchange
in time, in time, in time
car, bush and road blanketed
abode safe, packing away the superfluous
in gifting, receiving regret, remorse
in the tranquil, quieted moments
trickling awareness comes sharply
home, family, love, health
a no greater gift be

photo and poem © by DC Lessoway