Lower Countries

amsterdam-mar-11-2017-02shivering, wet winter’s
rippling, sharp gale
sheep graze, as I gaze
watching, wondering
imagining life, here
place of reclamation, of
old masters, new impressionists
quiet life, here, wide fields lined
traced, in water

photo and poem © by DC Lessoway

Morning March

Strolling mythical lanes
before citizens waken
my singular step echoes
hastening my mind to ponder
visualize, conjure
throngs of foot soldiers
in rank and file, anticipating battle
sweat and leather and dusty sandals
sharpened swords, lances, shield, behind
their families weep, wonder
in months, years, or ever, a return?
Perhaps, upon same flagstone, stained crimson
fell many in defense, invasion, regime change
yet, gone
such signs, wiped clear by time’s stride
a veneer conceivably whitewashed
as we roving bees to history’s honey, innocent
of foregoing savagery
still, without such brutal truths
her charms, bewitch still

Photo and poem (c) by DC Lessoway


To Be Paris

paris-2008-04 (1)
oh to live here, enveloped by
art, history, seeking
each corner, unearthing
why the greats found her light
roused the creative spirit, why
nations desired her jewel
in their conquering crown, why
lovers, in first blush, to honeymooning, to
the eternal abiding, all with new eyes
desire her indelible blessing
as she is eternal, so their love
may be as well

Photo and poem (c) by DC Lessoway

Maui’s Manumit


to step off the plane
is being enveloped
involuntarily assimilated
into her sultry arms
robust, fragrant
trade winds scour
mugginess away, also
amble her beaches
attentive to surf’s rhythm
as it fades
sandy footprints, then
break off to heed
sol’s submerge in
watery horizons, as
winds slow, stars show, moreover
recognize the heart acquires
an utterly unique tranquility
peace, fashioned nowhere else

photo and poem (c) by DC Lessoway