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sept 10 2016-bridge 2.jpg

flittering glints on skin
hushed, aside blood’s rush
in the ears, munch of gravel
echoing bird song
reoxygenated, dewy air
ambrosial mix of sap, earth
enlivening, invigorating
weaving, entwining, mingling
freeing the mind to meander
the unvarying past
the rousing moment
the differing future

in this, reflection, contemplation
embrace the undetermined
to trounce change’s dread
seize, possess, acknowledge
who you are, how you look
where and how you subsist
find kindness in each moment
rise to an uncertain future
rise to a greater you

photo and poem © by DC Lessoway


Never Blue Sky’s Reign

daydreaming, poem, poetry, vacation


perchance to be free
pause, block out the sun
feel the fiery wind
of a unbounded summer
conveying briny endlessness
cool granules under foot
feel safe, somehow
from all directions
song, cries on wing
splashing laughter of joy

gloom and shadow come
flooding the murky void
shoos away reverie
hiatus, however short
preserves the soul

photo and poem (c) 2015 by DC Lessoway