bestows her grace
life, love, to flora and fauna in
joyous equality
excepting those nocturnal
reap benefits in her rising majesty
a time in memorial dance of bliss

choose to regress from her light
from that panacea keeping
equilibrium on my mood
stay the course I might, I could
keep regiment, invariable day to day
buoyant I’d remain in
engaged disengagement
distant from my truths
from the rolling emotional foothills

thus in
fleeing to the leaden cave, awaiting
moonless days and morose nights
the inevitable tears, the thoughts of
desolation, dejection, sorrow

yet the brutal dichotomy finds
a self-generating luminosity in
an exceptional connection to words
as I bask in delight as
effortless creativity breaks past
sour sentries at cave’s portal
transporting me into Sol’s love
returning me to Humanity’s crowded sanctum
for a visit

Photo and poem (c) by DC Lessoway

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