May I ask?
what history have you
witnessed, does your
stony heart wish you
could forget war’s bloodshed, and in
quivering peace, does the
daylight of humanity’s shadow
curse your immortality, can you
shut it out, can you
close those forever eyes?


paris-2008-09Was I there?
Sitting in pretense of conjuring
Hemmingway’s vague shadow
yearning to unravel Fitzgerald’s woe, be
part of a distant brotherhood of
writer who fills pages with
uncommon, memorable
Parisian characters


up there, the empyrean river
her otherworldly light is
her seductiveness, charisma
attracting, like a peerless jewel
moths to the flame
writers, artists and emperors
smolder, ignite, blaze, burn out, all
doused, quenched, unable to
sustain brilliance contrary to her
light of the ages


repose within remarkable walls
exhausted, overwhelmed, drained
striving to absorb, grasp
scope and breadth of mortal sagas
exemplified within these ramparts
a castle once ruled by
sovereigns for their protection
their pride on show for all
no wonder the peasant, muddy
knee-deep in shit and hay
who built these walls, how they
woke, turned, evicted their overlords
to scribe their own history
within these walls

all photos and poems (c) by DC Lessoway

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