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ancestral soil holds firm, rooting a
foundation of loving, vigorous nourishment
the moment you blossom into the world
quivering in the wind, hopeful, joyful
giving breath to a grateful sky
multitudes of seasonal siblings
a chorus in the wind
colouring the world in
shades of vitality, life
then in wisdom’s time, shades
of vibrancy, again colouring a
chilled world, till, in a
graceful, twirling, descending dance
purpose and being fulfilled, to
litter the Earth with sustenance
for future generation’s flourish

photo and poem © by DC Lessoway

Paris 2008

Life, poem, poetry, writing


remember, strolling ancient streets
remember, the first moment, seeing
the tower, what a joyous moment to
be in the city of lights only a few days
after our ‘I do’s’, we did, we loved
each turn of the corner, each café
each historied doorway, filled with
wonder we soaked it in, kisses on
the Champs-Elysees, aside the
Seine, the heights of Sacre-Coeur
again, encore, we must go

photo and poem © by DC Lessoway


grief, Philosophy, poem, poetry, writing


does Sol’s eye lay bare
truths buried, truths denied
truths fraught with razor wire
guarded on all sides by a
damaged juvenescence in
wont to stand aside during
adversity, calamity, injury, allowing
aged, seasoned, stinging trauma
rise to the skin, firing
nerve endings, twitching fingers
projecting fogged memories
in the skull, imprinting, again
again, hurt upon hurt

photo and poem © by DC Lessoway

Language’s Ordnance

poem, poetry, writing

leaf 003.jpg

a master poet’s script, a
rapier, swift to the bone, cuts
leaving the reader shorn, unsure,
pondering an indistinct light, illuminating
a cloaked dark night of the soul, then comes
instinctively, an urge deep for another strike
another, another, another
exposing buried wounds, as with the pain
profound insights into the human condition
that we share: ache, grief, joy, love, hate
we are fragile and resilient both, that
we, above all, within our shades of skin
are the same

poem and picture © 2016 by DC Lessoway