Two years
You’ve been gone
But it seemed like yesterday
When I saw your smile
Covering the lows
And what else, who knows

My pierot, my clown
Why did you have to leave
Just cause you felt down
You made me smile
You brought me laughter
I loved your style

You made me cry
Will you come back
From Orson
Just to rhyme
Say Nanu Nanu
One more time…

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Comes the Darkness… again

depression, Life, poem, poetry


“I see a weight on your shoulders.”
she says to me, trepidation in her voice
not the first time I’ve heard this
my aloofness, never subtle my
inscrutable countenance, an
awful poker face when
a monstrous pall settles
on my frame, distilling, disbursing
daggering my very soul with, this
plumb of depths
blotting out any possible buoyant

…how I feel for her, her unchanging
caring, joyous spirit contrasting my
‘downer’ moodiness, clearly keeping
her from the greater of life’s enjoyment

A Venerable Confidante

poem, poetry, writing

moon0ct52012 004

once we were same
molten, bombarded
brimming potential
asunder torn
from chaos born
you know my secrets

once my dizzying vista
seldom kept you in my eye, now
a mournful watch I keep
surely, steadily, slowly
further still, your grasp, waning
you know my fears

eons pass, how you were
ever-shifting, vexed crimson
now a mid-age, peaceful sapphire
while my ashen countenance
pocked, silted, immutable
you know my scars

Photo and Poem © 2016 by DC Lessoway

A storm within, unchecked, storms without

grief, Life, Philosophy, poem, poetry, writing

ache, grief, torment, seeks
each soul’s portage

in following, careful steps
seeking, setting at liberty
knives set deep
initiates healing

yet allow hurt’s mushroom
disavowing truth’s remedy
invokes Thor’s hammer
germinating madness
sets outward storms
beyond one’s mastery

Picture and Poem © 2016 by DC Lessoway